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In-patient Health Insurance Benefits

In-patient Benefits

When you take out a corporate health insurance policy with General & Medical you and your employees or members will receive full in-patient benefits with all of our levels of cover.

Out-patient Health Insurance Benefits

Out-patient Benefits

You and your employees or members will be covered for out-patient treatment from the initial consultation to out-patient psychiatry, depending on your level of cover.

Health Insurance Cancer Cover

Cancer Cover

Being diagnosed with cancer can come with a range of emotion and it’s important that you and your employees or members have the support and treatment that you need and deserve.

Business Health and Wellbeing Services

Health and Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of you and your employees or members is important to us and when you take out a policy we’ll give you access to our free 24 hour Health and Wellbeing Support services, which features a wide range of programmes, medical information, advice and telephone counselling.

Lifestyle Rewards

Lifestyle Rewards

When you take corporate health insurance out with us we’ll give you and your employees or members access to our exclusive lifestyle rewards, which features a wide range of luxury products, services and experiences.

24 Hour GP Advice Line

24 Hour GP Advice Line

Our 24-hour GP telephone advice line is a great benefit for your employees or members and gives them access to a confidential private GP telephone consultation service.

NHS Cash Benefit

NHS Cash Benefit

A Cash Benefit is payable to you for each night you receive treatment without charge in a public ward of an NHS Hospital for a condition for which the same treatment would otherwise be eligible under our scheme for the covered persons to receive privately.

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Business Health Insurance is a great benefit in the workplace. At General & Medical we have a wide range of options and rewards available for your business from flexibility in your premium to access to our Health and Wellbeing services.

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