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Included for all members of our Corporate Health Insurance Schemes, our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) can offer even more support for your employees or members.

Face to Face Counselling

This additional service provides your employees or members access to six face to face sessions with a counsellor who has been trained to diploma level with at least two years of experience.

HR and Line Manager Support

This 24/7 telephone helpline service gives managers and HR staff guidance and support on a range of workplace issues. Whether this is counselling to help deal with the emotional aspects of work or vital legal information, this service can also help with a wide range of issues including, workplace bullying, work-related stress, workplace conflict, communication change, alcohol and drugs, and a work-life balance.

Critical Incident Support

This service comes at an extra cost but could be beneficial to you should a traumatic experience such as a fire, explosion, vandalism, terrorist action or armed robbery take place. Traumatic experiences can affect people as well as property so it pays to ensure that your employees have immediate access to all resources necessary, including the presence of on-site counsellors and/or psychologists experienced in post-trauma work to provide initial defusing, containment and support.

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Business Health Insurance is a great benefit in the workplace. At General & Medical we have a wide range of options and rewards available for your business from flexibility in your premium to access to our Health and Wellbeing services.

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