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What is Out-patient Treatment?

Out-patient treatment is the treatment given at a hospital, consulting room or out-patient clinic that does not normally require you to be admitted and occupy a hospital bed, as either a day-patient or in-patient.

You and your employees or members will have access to out-patient benefits when you take business health insurance through us. The higher the level of cover you have means the more benefits available to you as well as higher limits.

Take a look at our summary table below to see what you could receive:

Business PrimeModule 1Module 2Business Elite
Initial consultation and specialist fees including diagnostics and initial MRI & CT Scans
Business Benefits (Relating to an in-patient admission)£1,500Business BenefitsBusiness Benefits
Subsequent consultation and specialist fees, diagnostics inc MRI and CT Scans
Business Benefits(Relating to an in-patient admission)£1,500Business BenefitsBusiness Benefits
Physiotherapy and Complementary Medicine
£500 (Relating to an in-patient admission)£500£1,000£1,500
Treatment for Cardiovascular Conditions
Business BenefitsBusiness BenefitsBusiness BenefitsBusiness Benefits
Out-patient Mental Health

: Included, benefit limits apply. See the Cover Comparison table for details.

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