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    Running a business is hard and at General & Medical we completely understand that, which is why we want to take the stress off your hands when it comes to your employees or members health.

    With our Module 2 package your employees will get all the benefits of our Business Prime and Module 1 covers, as well as added bonuses such as Non UK medical cover.

    Providing your employees or members with a great healthcare package is highly valued in the workplace and is a real business benefit. In the case of a personal accident that causes temporary disablement, our Module 2 health insurance provides cash benefits.

    In addition, Module 2 provides cover for medical costs abroad and in serious cases we’ll even meet the medical costs of transportation back to the UK for urgent medical attention. As an extra, we’ll give them access to our Health and Wellbeing services, a 24 hour GP advice line and our exclusive Lifestyle Rewards, which offers a wide variety of discounts on luxury products, services and experiences.

    For more information regarding our Module 2 health insurance then take a look at our Business Healthcare brochure.

    Module 2 benefits include:

    • Extra Cancer Benefit
    • Full Out-patient Cover
    • Maternity Benefit
    • Emergency Medical Cover Outside The UK
    • Monitoring of Pre-cured Conditions

    Plus all of the following benefits

    In-patient Health Benefits
    • Accommodation, nursing care, surgeon and anaesthetist fees
    • Theatre costs, intensive care costs, drugs, dressings and consumables
    • Diagnostics including MRI and CT scans
    • Physiotherapy
    • Oro-surgical operations and procedures
    • Treatment for cardiovascular conditions
    • Parent accompanying child during a hospital stay
    Out-patient Health Benefits
    • Initial consultation and specialist fees
    • Initial diagnostics including MRI and CT scans
    • Subsequent consultation and specialist fees
    • Subsequent diagnostics including MRI and CT scans
    • Physiotherapy
    • Complementary medicine
    • Treatment for cardiovascular conditions
    • Out-patient Psychiatry
    Other Benefits
    • Our standard level of treatment for cancer
    • Hospice care
    • Medically necessary palliative treatment
    • NHS, life, critical illness, personal accident and temporary disablement cash benefits
    • Health and wellbeing services
    • Stress counselling helpline
    • 24 hour GP advice line
    • Lifestyle rewards
    • Complications of pregnancy and maternity benefit
    • Home nursing
    • Private ambulance
    • Non-UK medical cover
    • Monitoring of a pre-cured eligible condition

    : Included, benefit limits apply. See the Cover Comparison table for details.

    Other Business Healthcare Plans

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    An essential level of cover for your employees or members allowing them to jump queues for appointments.

    Module 1 Corporate Health Insurance

    Module 1

    Offer your employees a more comprehensive level of cover which includes out-patient diagnostics.

    Business Elite Corporate Health Insurance

    Business Elite

    Our highest level of corporate cover which is a popular choice and offers a higher level of cover for senior members of staff.

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    Business Health Insurance is a great benefit in the workplace. At General & Medical we have a wide range of options and rewards available for your business from flexibility in your premium to access to our Health and Wellbeing services.

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