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    Empower your employees' well-being with our range of Business Healthcare plans allowing us to be flexible to your needs. Our policies go beyond protection, promoting both physical and mental health with:

    • Fast access to private healthcare: Skip the queues and prioritise their health with swift access to specialists and treatments.
    • Personal service: Our dedicated corporate team collaborate closely, ensuring you receive an exclusive prestige service.
    • A variety of choices: Suiting all your business and employees' needs.
    • Secure area: Every member gets their own secure area to track claims, access the 24/7 GP Advice Line, explore exclusive benefits & discounts and more.
    • Savings on top brands: Reduce healthcare costs for your team with discounts on health assessments, gym memberships, eyewear and thousands of their favourite brands.

    The result?

    Happier, healthier, and more energised employees, leading to a more productive and thriving business.

    We offer 4 carefully crafted cover options suitable for any business and all employees. No matter what policy you choose, all our plans boast exceptional benefits like:

    Corporate Business Benefits