HealthcareConnect - A Unique Concept

The HealthcareConnect scheme from General & Medical has been designed to complement our existing range of company paid Private Health Insurance Schemes. HealthcareConnect gives employees and members of associations access to our wide range of covers and our first class, personal service – but at discounted rates.

By offering your employees or members the opportunity to join HealthcareConnect, you can enhance your overall employee benefits package at no extra cost to your organisation. You can offer the benefits of discounted health insurance and enjoy the rewards of a happier, healthier workforce whilst attracting and retaining the best people.

Our HealthcareConnect scheme is flexible, allowing you to offer discounted private health insurance and generate an income for your organisation in the form of a commission for every policy taken out. For example, many sports clubs have joined our HealthcareConnect scheme and a popular use of this revenue stream is to spend it on youth related activities to encourage the next generation of players. Similarly, we work with charities that value the income as additional donations.

It is easy and free to set up, requiring no administration on your part. Additionally, our HealthcareConnect scheme does not give rise to PIID benefits, as each employee is responsible for paying their own premiums.

HealthcareConnect is also personal to you and your company. We provide you with a dedicated landing page, branded with your logo and company message on our website, with a link that your employee’s or members can use to get quick and easy quotes. You can download a free range of posters which you can use to promote health & wellbeing throughout your offices and we can provide you with a promotional pull-up banner to promote the scheme in your workplace.

Through our policies, your employee’s or members will benefit from our free health & wellbeing service. With access to telephone counselling, online health checks and medical information, you’ll know that your team will have a range of benefits to help them stay healthy.

Plus, all our policies come with access to Lifestyle Rewards, our scheme where your employee’s or members have access to exclusive discounts on a range of luxury products, services and experiences such as spa breaks, boutique hotels and fine dining.

It is in your interests to promote our HealthcareConnect scheme through your website or intranet. And remember, our HealthcareConnect scheme places no administrative or cost burden on you. All you have to do is register and leave everything else to us!

To find out more, please call us or download our HealthcareConnect brochure.

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