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There may be times when a claim needs to be authorised for a diagnosis to be undertaken almost immediately. Well, at General & Medical, we can help with that!

As a standard offering for groups of 100 or more members, Claims 24-7 gives you the ability to pre-authorise one claim. You must then complete and follow the normal claims process. We’ll confirm the claim has been fully authorised by our underwriters and we will ‘‘reset the clock’’ enabling you to pre-authorise another claim. It’s that simple!

Please, however, read and understand your policy documents, so you do not inadvertently authorise an ineligible claim. If the claim is found to be ineligible by our underwriters you have two options: We will pay the ineligible claim on an ex gratia basis up to the predetermined limit of £500, however, the ability to pre-authorise a claim will be withdrawn and the normal claims procedure will resume, or, you pay for the ineligible claim and the process of pre-authorisation will resume.

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Business Health Insurance is a great benefit in the workplace. At General & Medical we have a wide range of options and rewards available for your business from flexibility in your premium to access to our Health and Wellbeing services.

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