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Business Health Insurance is highly valued by employees as one of the most important benefits an employer can provide to their staff and there are real business benefits that can easily outweigh the costs involved. The success of your business depends on you and your employees so it pays to look after your health and theirs.

Business Prime

Our corporate medical insurance is flexible to meet your specific requirements while enabling you to provide essential health cover across your entire workforce. Your employees will become part of a system that enables them to jump the queues for appointments and undergo surgery for acute conditions; maintaining their health to allow them to carry on at work as normal. The benefits of Business Prime cover include:

In-Patient Benefits

Free Health & Wellbeing Services

 Accommodation, Nursing Care, Surgeon & Anaesthetist Fees

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You can also choose to upgrade your cover for each individual member, meaning that your policy is completely tailored to suit your needs. See our available upgrades below

Module 1

The comprehensive care that Module 1 covers includes cancer treatment, pregnancy complications, out-patient cover and our free Health & Wellbeing services. Other benefits include:

✔  Treatment for Cancer

✔  Home Nursing

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Module 2

Like Module 1, Module 2 also covers cancer and maternity benefits but employees will also have access to a private ambulance service and medical costs abroad. Other benefits include:

✔  Full Out-patient Cover

✔  24 hr GP advice line

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Business Elite

Our most advanced corporate health insurance plan; Business Elite is a popular choice where a higher level of care is required for senior members of staff. Other benefits include:

✔  Private GP Services

✔  Lifestyle Rewards

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Corporate Healthcare Insurance - for improved employee retention

Employee turnover can be lowered significantly by offering private medical insurance, especially if the benefit is extended to their family members. It helps businesses to retain the best staff and so lowers recruitment and re-training costs.

Business Healthcare Insurance - attracts the best people

By providing employees with private healthcare benefits, businesses can attract and retain quality staff. Often, prospective employees will place a value on it above the equivalent monetary amount in salary.

Corporate Health Insurance - for improved absenteeism

Business healthcare insurance means that employees benefit from fast diagnosis, immediate access to consultants and the highest quality treatment, should they need it. Employees are seen and treated promptly so they return to work sooner, minimising any adverse effect on their productivity.

Corporate Healthcare - for tax efficiency

Business Health insurance premiums can usually be treated as a tax-deductible business expense, reducing a company's tax liability and so improving its bottom line.

Please take the time to read about the options available to choose the cover you need and enjoy the benefits of a happier, healthier, more loyal workforce.

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