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When it comes to your wellbeing, it’s important you acknowledge that this term is all-encompassing. Wellbeing doesn’t just mean you look good in front of the mirror, or you can fit into your favourite clothes, or run around on the football pitch all night, it’s much more than that. Wellbeing comes down to all of the mechanics that make you a human being, from the food you eat to the very emotions you feel. We’re sure you’ve worked out by now that a lot of living the best life comes down to balance, but in this rapidly changing world, balance is becoming harder to find and the scales seem to be at a permanent tilt in the wrong direction.

This tilt affects our health in all sorts of different ways, with stress leading the front of the pack with all of its nasty Cortisol and depression and anxiety close behind. If you’re starting to notice that you’re not feeling yourself, perhaps you need to try to get your balance back by getting more sleep, doing more exercise and watching what you put into your body. If these feelings get worse, it’s time to visit your GP to talk about how you can start feeling more like yourself again.

If you’re not sure what your normal is, take this quick quiz to get more of an insight into your mental wellbeing:

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