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In-patient Health Insurance Benefits

In-patient Benefits

When you take out a policy with General & Medical, your child can receive a range of in-patient benefits which relate to the level of cover.

Out-patient Health Insurance Benefits

Out-patient Benefits

We cover a range of out-patient benefits within our Generation private healthcare plans for children.

Health Insurance Cancer Cover

Cancer Cover

Our Generation Private Health Insurance plans for children both offer a generous level of cover relating to treatment for cancer.

Personal Health and Wellbeing Services

Health and Wellbeing

Offering you and your family support when you need it with our free 24 hour Health and Wellbeing services featuring a wide range of programmes, medical information, telephone counselling and advice.

GP Advice

24 Hour GP Advice

Stay in the comfort of your own home whilst getting the advice you need for your child's medical concerns, via telephone or online video consultation.

NHS Cash Benefit

Cash Benefits

We offer a range of cash benefits within our Generation Healthcare plans, including an NHS cash Benefit.

Refund Hospital Parking Charges

Hospital Parking Charges

Our Generation Health Insurance plans also include our Hospital Parking Charges benefit, where we will reimburse you for eligible parking charges for your vehicle.

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