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What is In-patient Treatment?

In-patient treatment normally requires your child to be admitted to a hospital and occupy a bed for medical reasons. This can be during the day, overnight or longer.

When you take out a Generation or Generation Plus policy with General & Medical, we’ll cover the cost for in-patient treatment which relates to the level of cover.

Take a look at our summary below to see what your child could be covered for.

  • Accommodation, Nursing Care, Surgeon & Anaesthetist Fees
  • Theatre Costs, Intensive Care Costs, Drugs, Dressings & Consumables
  • Diagnostics including MRI & CT Scans
  • Physiotherapy
  • Oro-surgical Operations/Procedures
  • Treatment for Cardiovascular Conditions
  • Parent Accompanying Child

Please note:

: Included, benefit limits apply. See the Cover Comparison table for details.

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