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If reducing your premiums would help you to meet your budget, you can of course, choose a lower level of cover, for example by choosing Generation instead of our Plus Upgrade. You can also significantly reduce your premiums by adding an excess to your policy.

Policy Excess

An excess is an amount agreed in advance that you pay towards the cost of a claim.

For example, if you choose a £250 excess per claim and your child's treatment for one eligible claim costs £5,000, you would pay the first £250 and we would pay the rest.

You can add an excess of £0, £100 or £250. At the start of the policy, you choose whether the excess applies once per policy year or to each claim.

If you choose an excess per policy year and your treatment for an eligible claim carries on into the next policy year, another excess will apply.

Remember - the higher the excess, the lower your premium. For example, even an excess of £250 per claim could reduce your premium by 20%!

The important thing is to choose a level of excess that you can comfortably afford.

Generation Healthcare Cover

Our Generation Healthcare cover is designed with your child in mind. They will have full cover for any in-patient admissions, treatment for cancer, out-patient benefits, flexibility of a GP Advice Line 24 hours a day plus many other useful benefits.

Read our brochure to find out more about our Generation Healthcare Cover.

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