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Diabetes Prevention Week is here and we're going to tell you all about diabetes and things you could do to help prevent it.

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In case you didn't know, April is Stress Awareness Month so we've put together 5 steps on how to stay calm and why you shouldn't sweat the small stuff.

Unfortunately, stress is inevitable whether it's due to work, getting the kids to go to sleep or something as little as forgetting to put the bin out. Stress can be caused by all situations big or small, but here at General & Medical, we like to create a stress-free zone.

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World Health Day is just around the corner which is a small reminder of how thankful we should be with our healthcare system.

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Easter is an eggciting (sorry) time for both children and adults. While celebrating the true meaning of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, we come to the end of lent and gorge on Easter eggs and indulge in family time. All these Easter eggs seem like a great idea at the time but by bank holiday Monday you’ll be wishing you hadn’t tested your body quite so much. To ...

We hear lots about mindfulness these days and how beneficial it is to our health, but what on earth does it mean? According to the dictionary, mindfulness is “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.” You might already be p ...

This March, we are celebrating spring and new life by giving you some ideas on how you can detox your health and your life too.

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They say that summer bodies are made in the winter, here's how to get a head start at that summer feeling.

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An addictive white powder, otherwise known as sugar, sneaks into our diet everyday single day. Sometimes in the not-so-sneaky form of several chocolate bars but more subtly in foods such as ready meals and cereals. The thing is, we’re allowed sugar, but just like everything in this wonderful world, we need to eat sugar as part of a balanced diet. Sugar comes in various forms b ...

It’s interesting how different health ailments crop up in the news from time to time. One week it’s obesity killing us, the next it could be smoking, and then even early signs of aging such as greying hair and baldness reportedly lead to heart disease, or so the media says. It can all be quite depressing, and the fact is, we know a lot of the hard facts already, smoking is bad, ...

Charles Dickens once said “The sum of the whole is this: walk and be happy, walk and be healthy,” and if more people lived by this mantra, the world would be a better place.  Walking is no cure, but it can clear your mind of worries and fill your body with new health. Did you know that just 30 minutes of walking each day can dramatically improve everything from your mood to yo ...