‘Tis the season to be jolly…

Christmas Baubles

But for many of us, the run up to Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of the year and there may be moments when you feel like you're losing your baubles.

That relaxing summer beach holiday you booked for next July seems like an absolute lifetime away, you’re tired, it’s cold and dingy outside and you would rather take that holiday right now, thank you very much.

Despite the best intentions, many of us get halfway through December and find we still have a Christmas to-do list as long as an Orang-utan’s arm. Added to that are the financial pressures of finding the extra cash for those all-important presents and luxury foods, and to finish off those DIY jobs you promised yourself back in June that you would have done and dusted in time for Christmas.

Then there’s the issue of negotiating the provision of civilised entertainment for often obnoxious relatives (even though you’d rather lay on the sofa in your reindeer onesie watching The Snowman while embracing a tub of Heroes), not forgetting the need to get ahead with essential work tasks so that you can kick back and enjoy a few days of family time and relaxation over Christmas. (Relaxation you say? Over Christmas!?) Bah humbug!

Take a deep breath and follow our Six steps to seasonal stress relief.

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