Allergy Awareness

You give me fever

According to Allergy UK, 21 million adults have one or more allergies and there are likely to be many more who may not have been diagnosed yet. The number of sufferers continues to increase by around 5% each year, and half of these allergy sufferers are said to be children.

While allergies resulting in asthma and hay fever have been on the increase for some time, recent studies have identified a significant increase in food allergies, particularly in children. For more information on food allergies and the difference between food allergy and food intolerance, view the Association of UK Dietitians Food Fact Sheet - Food allergies and intolerances.

The reasons behind this increase in allergies remains unclear, and researchers across the globe continue to try to ascertain why intolerances, allergies and life-threatening allergies seem to be on the rise – around 30% of people will be affected by allergy at some stage in their lives.

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