Five steps towards a more active and energetic you

5) Tired parents - still need more motivation?

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If you can’t do it for you, do it for them! According to Change4Life, children should spend an hour each day doing physical activity – which gets their heart rate up and circulatory system moving. While children of school age may spend their breaktimes haring about the playground and playing sport during regular PE lessons, younger children also need to get out and about every day if possible – a walk to the shops, an hour or two at soft play or even out in the garden, weather permitting - to build the strength and stamina which will stand them in good stead for life.

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And, while you’re concentrating on making sure your children get some exercise, you may find you benefit from the extra activity too.

Change4Life has produced a Walk4Life guide to increasing healthy walking activities as a family, with tips and tricks on how to make the experience fun and interactive for the little ones and the big ones. You can download it from the Change4Life website.

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For some more quick and easy ideas towards a more active and energetic you, see our Three quick tips to boost your activity levels.

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