Five steps towards a more active and energetic you

3) Get up, stand up

Sedentary Work

Technological advancement has led to a rise in sedentary lifestyles which can largely be attributed to the increase in jobs that involve sitting down for much of the day, coupled with TV or computer-based leisure activities. A sedentary lifestyle has been found to contribute significantly to a person’s risk of obesity and by extension an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and many cancers.

Sedentary work – our advice on how to keep moving even when sitting down:

Cycling to Work

  • Use the stairs in your building as opposed to the lift wherever possible.
  • Employ some at-desk stretches a few times a day to keep muscles from becoming stiff - ignore the snorts of laughter from adjacent colleagues.
  • Take regular screen breaks to stretch your legs and maintain good circulation. For example, while it may make sense time-wise to combine a walk to the printer with a trip to the loo and popping into the kitchen area to fetch a drink on the way back, try to space these activities throughout the day to keep your body moving and to give your eyes and mind a short break.
  • Whether you commute to work by bus, train or car – try parking further away or getting off the bus a stop early to squeeze in a few extra minutes of much-needed exercise, sunlight and fresh air.

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