Three quick tips to boost your activity levels

TIP 1:

Most people thrive on routine, so try to commit yourself to a regular day or days each week for some physical activity and do your best to stick to it.

You could even try some forward planning by keeping an activity diary to reinforce your aims and objectives – and, crucially, so you can look back at your progress when you feel demotivated.

TIP 2:

If an incentive-based reward system appeals to you, try knocking up an exercise schedule and sticking to it for four weeks – with your favourite artist’s new CD, a shopping trip, coffee and cake at a favourite cafe or an evening out with friends as a reward - but only if you reach your goal for the whole month!

TIP 3:

If you are serious about upping your exercise and improving your fitness levels, consider roping a partner, a friend or relative into a regular walk/run or fitness class with you, doubling up as a social activity.

Studies show that you may be less likely to give up if you have ongoing support from someone close to you.

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