Five tips for fostering healthy relationships

1) Building intimacy - be kind to yourself

Popcorn Cinema

Make time for each other by arranging a regular ‘date night’, where you share a favourite meal or see a film at the cinema, at least once a fortnight.

2) Don't just say it - show it!

Holding Hands

Life may have ground you down and physical affection may have been left by the wayside at some point, but restore intimacy by making a renewed effort to reach out to your partner with an embrace or by holding hands.

3) Show affection

Flowers Teapot

Showing affection doesn’t always necessarily mean flowers, or champagne and chocolates! A few genuine, kind and complimentary words here and there can also help to show that you care, as can offering to help your partner with practical chores or other tasks. If household tasks are shared, there will be more time for pleasurable pursuits.

4) Do things together

Couple Bench

Shared experiences often make for the very best memories and also promote bonding, so make an effort to get out and do things together, both as a couple but also as a family if you have children. If funds are tight, visit local events websites for ideas for fun and often free things to do in your area.

5) How to keep lines of communication open in a busy household

Family Dinner Table

If you have children, or even if you don’t, the trappings of a busy household and lifestyle can sometimes get in the way of communication, and your relationship may start showing signs of neglect. Arrange a family meeting for one fixed evening each week, when everyone is available to sit around the table and discuss the week ahead and identify any problems or issues sooner rather than later.

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