Holiday Health Hazards


It’s that time of year when many of us will shortly be leaving the stresses and strains of work behind us for a well-deserved week or two of rest and relaxation, hopefully somewhere warm, sunny and interesting.

But before you skip off for a spot of flip-flop and swimsuit shopping in readiness for all that frolicking in the surf, make sure you’ve made all the right preparations to ensure your hard-earned, wellbeing-boosting week away doesn’t turn into a holiday health experience from hell.

Holiday heaven?

Holiday Reading Book

So you’ve bought a guidebook to help you explore the local historical sites, you’ve checked your resort entertainment itinerary online, you’ve pre-booked a spa treatment day and you’ve got your hands on the latest thriller from your favourite author - all ready to begin reading, relaxing and enjoying yourself in earnest once you arrive.

Seafood Meal

Does this sound like your idea of holiday heaven? Sorry to rain on your parade, but given some thought, most of us know someone who contracted food poisoning from a dodgy seafood platter, or perhaps someone who had a serious flip flop slip next to the pool, resulting in stitches and a fractured elbow which took months to mend.

Such hellish holiday experiences are memorable for all the wrong reasons – nobody wants to spend valuable holiday time stuck in the bathroom, in bed - or worse - in hospital. The most recent figures from the Foreign Office indicate that more than 3,000 British people require hospitalisation while abroad every year, so it makes sense to do your utmost to ensure that you’re not among them.

Healthy, happy holiday?

Children Playing Beach

So then, to maximise the happy memories and minimise your margin for mishap during your summer break, read our Eight Steps for a Healthy, Happy Holiday.

We have also put together Three Quick Tips to staying healthy when away from home.

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