Living Streets and National Walking Month

People Walking Crossing

UK charity Living Streets has been behind various campaigns to keep Britain out and about on foot - and safely - since 1929. Living Streets was responsible for campaigning for the UK’s first ever zebra crossing as well as speed limits to protect children walking to school and other pedestrians. Today, the charity says it aims “to create a walking nation, free from congested roads and pollution, reducing the risk of preventable illness and social isolation and making walking the natural choice”.

Living Streets says that, as a nation, we walk a third less than we did 20 years ago and have effectively engineered walking out of modern life, which has contributed towards increased obesity, social problems, congestion and pollution. The charity’s ambition, it says, is to ensure people of all ages are able to enjoy the benefits of regular walking and to work to ensure a safe walking environment for all.

Image Credit: Living Streets #Try20 Campaign

Image Credit: Living Streets - Spread the word about National Walking Month campaign materials to print and share.

During National Walking Month, the charity is encouraging people to #Try20, where those who sign up to pledge to include an extra 20 minutes of walking into their daily routine will receive 20 fun and easy tips to help them on their way and remind them of the numerous health benefits.

With the countless obligations and commitments of modern life, many of us are always inching towards indulging in some elusive ‘me time’, but somehow it feels like you’re never really getting the chance to stop and take stock. What would you say if you were told you could have a little ‘me time’ every day, while simultaneously saving money and boosting your physical and mental health?

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