Step outside for a wellbeing boost

Walking outside

May is National Walking Month

Read on to find out how and why good old fashioned walking is good for the heart AND the soul.

The delicate scent of blossom is in the air as you leave the house on your way to work, you can hear the busy hum of a lawnmower in the distance and the birds are happily tweeting in the trees above your head. Your step feels a little lighter as you move away from your doorstep, and the May sunshine immediately warms your back as you walk. Smiling at the promise of summer, you pull your sunglasses down over your forehead and…climb into your car.

Sound a little familiar?

Walking in Spring

There’s a biological reason why fresh air and sunlight make you feel good inside and out but the hectic whirlwind that is modern life has meant that many of us have seemingly forgotten just how good it feels to be outside. Even when we are out and about, more often than not our minds are still preoccupied with schedules, work commitments and fulfilling our daily obligations that we seldom get the chance to breathe deeply and genuinely savour that spring sunshine and birdsong.

Are you interested in increasing your walking activity?

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Or why not take part in an activity for National Walking Month?

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