Three quick tips to increase your walking activity

If you would like to get out and about walking more often, consider the following steps to success.

TIP 1:

man walking to work

Commit yourself to walking to work more often

A busy lifestyle can sometimes mean little time left over at the weekend for any leisurely walking activity. If this sounds like you, perhaps you could consider committing yourself to walking part or all of the way to work once or twice each week. You could save yourself pounds on petrol, fit in some valuable exercise, give yourself time to ponder the finer things in life and help the environment all at the same time. Whether you commute to work by bus, train or car – try parking further away or getting off the bus a stop or two early.

TIP 2:

smart watch on womans arm

Buy a pedometer

The NHS estimates that the average person walks between 3,000 and 4,000 steps each day. To find out your average, you may wish to consider buying a pedometer - a device worn on the waist or arm which measures each step you take - which can cost as little as a few pounds. If you work out your average over the course of a week, then you have a target to aim towards.

TIP 3:

group of people walking through trees

Join a walking club

If you’d like to find places to explore on foot in your locality or would like to find local ramblers groups to join some guided walks in your local area, visit British charity the Ramblers website and pop in your postcode.

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