Three reasons why walking is beneficial to health and wellbeing

1) Walking improves mental and emotional health

Walking in park

Most people would agree that setting out for a pleasant stroll on a warm day can work wonders for the mind. The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other improves circulation and taking in those irresistible deep breaths of fresh air increases oxygen levels in the bloodstream, giving the brain and other vital organs a boost.

Regular gentle exercise like walking has also been found to improve mental wellbeing and is known to reduce stress - a common contributory factor for anxiety disorders and depression. Spending time walking outside also boosts wellbeing by providing fresh air, sunlight and exercise – all established drug-free combatants of depression.

Benefits of walking

In addition, if you are walking with a companion, walking together seems naturally conducive to talking together – and can provide the ideal opportunity to mutually chew over any nagging worries or concerns, catch up on each other’s news or even just to make idle chit chat.

Step 2 - Walking boosts creativity

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