Top Ten benefits of quitting smoking

Benefits of quitting smoking


1 You’ll probably live a longer life – smoking can reduce life expectancy by around ten years.
2 Your breathing and lung capacity will improve as your airways relax.
3 You will have more energy as your circulation and blood oxygen levels improve.
4 You will enjoy your food more and will find your sense of smell improves as your senses gain respite from the harsh toxins contained in cigarette smoke.

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5 Your teeth will become healthier and whiter and your general oral health will improve.
6 Your complexion will improve and become more even as your circulation improves and your system frees itself of hundreds of ageing, wrinkle-inducing chemicals.
7 Your sex life may improve along with your circulation and blood pressure – for both men and women.
8 If you are a woman, your fertility will improve and you will be less likely to suffer a miscarriage – all the more reason to give up before trying for a baby. Smoking has also been linked with early menopause.

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9 If you suffer from stress, contrary to popular belief, your stress levels will decrease once you have overcome any nicotine addiction, as the cycle of addiction feeds stress as you battle against regular cravings.
10 Last, but certainly not least, the health of those around you will improve because only 20% of tobacco smoke is inhaled by the smoker, the remaining 80% of toxic chemicals ends up in the air around you and is particularly damaging to children, resulting in a doubled risk of suffering from chest and other health problems including pneumonia, asthma, ear infections and even meningitis.

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Need further help with quitting smoking?

If you need further help, tips, advice and support, then visit the NHS Website for more information on NHS Smokefree. You can also see your GP to enquire about the NHS Stop Smoking Service, where you can find out more about the various medicines and other methods available to help you stop smoking for good.

Also read our Three quick tips to help you quit smoking for helpful ideas.


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