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22 tips on safety that you should know before bonfire night

Fireworks and Bonfire Night Safety

One of the biggest UK events is fast approaching and already there are fireworks being set off by at least one of your neighbours. If you intend on actively celebrating Bonfire Night this year, then read our safety tips first to make sure the fifth of November is a night to remember for all the right reasons.

1Always light sparklers one at a time.
2Make sure to plunge your sparkler hot end down into a bucket of water once you have finished using it.
3Put on a pair of gloves before you hold a sparkler to prevent the risk of burning your hands.


4Supervise any children that are using sparklers at all times and teach them to hold the sparkler away from their body at arm’s length. You should also advise children not to wave their sparkler near someone or run whilst holding a sparkler.
5Avoid giving sparklers to really young children as they are less likely to hold one safely. Children should be at least 6 years old before being allowed to hold a sparkler and make sure you have taught them all the safety rules mentioned in point 4.
6Do not use sparklers in a heavily crowded area.


7If you are putting on your own fireworks display then ensure that you have fully read the instructions first in clear, bright light.
8You should never tamper with fireworks.
9Check that any fireworks you want to use at home are suitable for the size of your garden before buying them.


10Fireworks should be kept in a dry, closed box and taken out carefully one by one.
11If you are attending a fireworks display in a smaller sized garden then you should try and watch the fireworks through glass windows and patio doors.
12If you are the person who is setting off the fireworks then make sure you use a decent torch so you can see what you are doing.

Torch Night Sky

13Light fireworks at arm’s length and make sure that you are wearing gloves and proper eye protection before handling or igniting them.
14Always have a bucket of water to hand in case anything goes wrong.
15Ensure that fireworks are correctly mounted and pointing in the right direction before setting them off and only set fireworks off one at a time.

Firework Display

16Never return to a firework once it has been lit. If the firework does not go off then half an hour is the absolute minimum time to wait before you consider approaching it again.
17If there are particularly high winds then this can cause a firework to change direction, consider whether the risk of this happening is too great before lighting the firework.
18Always use fireworks legally. If you are planning on holding your own fireworks display then you must remember that it is illegal to set off fireworks between the hours of 11pm to 7am except for some certain occasions. Find out more about the law on fireworks at GOV.UK

Home Fireworks

19Do not use flammable liquids to help your bonfire get going.
20Make sure you check under your bonfire wood before lighting it for small animals such as hedgehogs. Build your bonfire as late as possible to prevent wildlife from burrowing in it.
21Always pour water on any embers left after your bonfire has finished.
22Warn neighbours of your intention of a fireworks display as they may have pets or children who may be frightened. Pre-warning your neighbours lets them prepare in advance.

Dog and Pet Firework Safety

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