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How much can you save from quitting smoking

The NHS has put together a Stopping Smoking calculate my savings quiz where you can work out just how much smoking is costing you, not just your life.

For example, say you spend around £11 on a 20 pack of cigarettes each day, and smoke all of them, you will be paying out £341 per month and around £20,460 every five years. Not to mention the 140 grams of tar that’s piling up in your lungs. If you were to put that £11 in a jar each time you craved the nicotine stick, you’d be rich.

What you could spend £20,460 on instead of cigarettes:

We know how quickly five years can whizz by, so let’s have a look at what you’ve saved up in your jar after quitting.

  • You could buy one brand new car
  • Bag yourself 16 new Apple iPhone X gadgets
  • 136 bottles of Dom Perignon could be yours
  • You could travel half the way around the world, maybe even the whole way on a strict budget
  • Treat your body with the best transformative spa break in the world in Rajasthan
  • You could go on sixteen holidays, that’s four a year for four whole years
  • Own 15 of the world’s best drones and start your own drone company
  • You could stay in a deluxe room at The Ritz in London for a whole month
  • You could go to one of the top restaurants in the UK every month of the year and still have some cash left over at the end
  • You could get a VIP box at your favourite sports club
  • An exciting racehorse could become part of your family
  • You could put the money towards a deposit on a house
  • You could secure your children’s future setting up a trust fund
  • Why not just make more money with that lump sum and invest it
  • You could buy your own skis, boots, helmet, poles, and lessons and still have enough to splash out on a holiday at the end of it
  • That’s enough money to pay off some of your student loan in one go
  • You could redecorate your home or even pay for that extension you’ve been dreaming about
  • You could buy sixteen puppies
  • Always dreamt of getting your motorcycle license? You can do that AND buy a superbike afterwards
  • You could have a really good time in Selfridges

That money you’re spending on cigarettes every day is killing you, quit now and start living your life to the full before it’s too late.

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