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Getting kids back to school with minimum fuss

Kids Back to School

Time has a habit of flying by

Surely it was only last week that the children broke up for the summer holidays? Wasn’t it?

Where have the days and weeks gone? Suddenly it’s time to prepare the kids and get them ready for the new school term. It’s coming up to autumn and I hate to say it but Christmas will be upon us soon enough.

Read on for our getting kids back to school tips!

Step 1:


With that thought in mind and knowing the preparation needed to organise a good Christmas, I decided to adopt the same military precision to ease my two children back to school. "It's not boot camp" I hear you scream but it is my children’s peace of mind and emotional wellbeing that is my priority, as well as my own as a parent.

Routine is everything so two weeks before the start of term it is recommended the children begin the back to school routine, which starts with early nights and early mornings. A tired child is a very unhappy child, which increases the stress levels for all the family.

Step 2:

Child's Drawing Bee

If you’re a working parent then take a couple of days off and hit the shops for school uniforms, school shoes, PE kits and all items needed for each and every lesson. This can be a lot more than anticipated but make a list and create categories for clothing and stationery. Perhaps order the stationery and satchels online for ease and convenience with many online stores using next day delivery, this is a godsend and will save traipsing around the shops with grumpy kids in tow - again reducing stress and avoiding an unhappy child.

Step 3:

Lunch Drawing

The day you venture to the shops for the uniforms try to make it exciting for the kids. Kids love fun so don’t just see it as a day clothes shopping for them. Make a day of it, go somewhere they like for lunch.

Engage with them and treat them to useful items they like for instance fun lunch boxes or drinks containers. (Don’t forget to check out our Live Healthy article on Healthy lunch tips and ideas for busy parents).

Step 4:

Sun Kid's Drawing

Remember, children feed off our moods and anxieties so get the children looking forward to their return to school. Don’t let them think of it as a negative. Get them looking forward to seeing their mates again and catching up on all the chit chat of holidays and activities enjoyed during the break.

If your children are older and this is the year of their GCSEs then sit down with them and discuss the year ahead. What do they hope to achieve and help them map out a schedule to gain the best marks when it comes to sitting exams. Take an interest, be involved and praise them. Children are no different from adults. We all like to feel good, we all like to achieve and receive positive feedback and if we are organised, prepared and ready for the start of the new term, less time is spent worrying or chasing our tails trying to get ready and more time is spent productively and focused towards the lessons and learning.

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