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Top tips to stay healthy over Christmas

Christmas Health Tips

‘Tis the season to be jolly and that is what we do. Giving gifts to our family and friends, celebrating the festive build-up and overindulging in rich foods and alcohol. This merry time is made for you to enjoy yourself and eat and drink whatever you want.

Staying healthy over Christmas is often unheard of, I mean it’s not surprising that the majority of us put on a little bit of Christmas weight, but that’s ok. If you want to be mindful and stay as healthy as possible then read our tips!

1) Enjoy some exercise

To counterbalance some of the calories you intake, maybe go for an afternoon walk with the family, walk the dog around the park or even go for a weekend swim. If you have a local park or a large back garden then a game of rounders or football will help get all the family involved.

2) Recognise when you are full

Snacking is something we do all day around Christmas time, from chocolate coins to eating popcorn whilst watching a Christmas film. There are so many treats to choose from and you should enjoy them, but just remember to stop when you feel full as you don’t want to feel bloated and uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

3) Eat before you drink

Social gatherings spring up all around December and our alcohol consumption can hit the roof. Ensure you eat before you go out and drink as this will help absorb the alcohol and stop you craving a kebab and chips later on.

4) Cook healthier meals in between the holidays

Give your body a break between key holiday dates and try and cook healthier meals. Make some homemade quiches, wholemeal pizzas or try a vegetable-filled stir fry. Eton mess filled with meringue and strawberries can be a great healthy dessert too.

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