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How To Feel Confident At The Gym

Gym Confidence

It’s January, you might be feeling the guilt that gyms and dieting companies rely on to sell their products, or you might be absolutely fine. Either way, if your local gym has an offer that is too good to resist, make sure you actually use it and go to the gym. The number one reason don’t go to the gym is that they’re embarrassed, they don’t want to be the ‘new person’ or the ‘unfit person’ but you’ve got to start somewhere right? With this in mind, here are a few tips on how to feel confident and comfortable at the gym, no matter when you decide to join.

Problem: I don’t know how to use the equipment

gym workout

All gyms should offer an induction where you are given a tour of the gym, the facilities and importantly, how to use the equipment! But, if you miss this it’s not too tricky because all fitness equipment usually has really helpful diagrams on them instructing use, or, you can watch and learn!

For cardio, programme 1500 metres into the rowing machine as a quick but intense workout or go on the cross-trainer for 15 minutes to get you going. You can start small until you work yourself into a routine that’s easy to chop and change each week. And remember, never be afraid to ask because, at the end of the day, everyone is there with the same goal.

Problem: I’m embarrassed to be the newbie


The embarrassment comes down to how you think others view you, and if you think of that in a negative way then you end up feeling upset and embarrassed. The thing is, no one really minds what you look like at the gym, as long as you don’t smell, they’re all there trying to improve their fitness in one way or another, they’re just as proud of you as you’re fearful of them.

If you’re still struggling with these thoughts, a good way to block all the unnecessary negativity is by listening to music. Simply put your favourite playlist on, whack on your headphones and pretend you’re in that gym by yourself having a party.

Problem: I’m too unfit

Gym Fitness

As the saying goes, no matter what exercise you’re doing at the gym, you’re lapping everyone on the sofa at home! A little bit of exercise each day carried out regularly can make a huge difference to your wellbeing plus you’ll find it gets easier the more you go. There are many people who visit the gym to walk uphill on the treadmill for 10 minutes, then follow it up with some gentle weights, you don’t have to go mad!

Problem: I go bright red when I exercise

Exercising redness and sweat

Seriously? Who doesn’t! As long as you’re not trying to hide the sweat and redness under make-up, you are doing your complexion the world of good getting all that blood flow going. Plus, if you look like you’ve been to the gym then it’s more rewarding than being in all that active gear and not having a bit of colour in your cheeks.

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