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10 tips for travelling safety abroad

travel safety tips

The summer holidays have landed, and for a lot of people that means travelling abroad for a well-deserved getaway. We’re here to help you get off to a flying start, with 10 travel safety tips to keep in mind before you jet off.

1. Check for any local health concerns

Organisations like WHO can provide reliable guidance on any current health concerns in the country you are visiting. You should also be aware of any immunisations that you may need to get before your trip starts. If you have any health-related concerns before you travel, speak to your doctor.

2. Split your valuables up

Try avoid carrying all of your personal belongings in one place. While it’s easier to keep everything together in one bag, from your wallet to your phone and passport, it comes with greater risk. Should that one bag be lost or stolen, you could be left with nothing and this could potentially ruin your holiday.

3. Plan out your journey wisely

Plan ahead and create an itinerary to ensure you’ve got the latest flight, train or bus times. Allow plenty of time to get to the airport or station, anticipating any traffic on the way so you don’t miss your departure. It’s also handy to print out the necessary documents in advance, such as your boarding pass and travel insurance details, in case there’s any problems accessing digital versions of these on the day.

4. Check the weather

The majority of people check the weather before they go on holiday to determine whether they should pack their shorts and t-shirts or jumpers and coats. When travelling abroad it’s always easy to assume that the weather is going to be as predicted, depending on where you go, but it’s worth checking, just in case!

Safety Abroad

5. Make a ‘to do’ list

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of forgetting something, while already on route to the airport. Combat this in advance, by writing down a list of things you have to do before you embark on your trip. This could be anything from getting your travel insurance, to ensuring you have someone to look after your beloved pets. This will help avoid the “Oh, did I do that?” panic when you’re sat at the airport or 300 miles away. You’ll be able to enjoy your holiday stress-free, knowing that your list has been completed and everything is in hand.

6. Understand food and water risks

Trying and tasting the local food is always a must, however, it’s important to remember that your stomach may not be able to adapt to sudden changes so quickly. Ease yourself into the local cuisine to avoid any unexpected food aversions that may taint the trip. You should also check to see if the water is safe to drink – if not, find out where the nearest shop is so that you can stock up.

7. Tell your bank you’re going abroad and use ATM’s wisely

Some bank providers ask that you notify them before you go abroad. This will ensure they don’t block any payments or transactions from a different country that they would otherwise consider unusual or suspicious. Check your bank provider’s website to find out any requirements. On a similar note, it’s always worth having another form of payment with you, should you have any problems or emergencies.

8. Learn common and local travel scams

It’s important to remain vigilant when travelling abroad, especially when it comes to local travel scams. This could be anything from taxi drivers overcharging tourists, to someone selling fake services and goods. Take a bit of time researching local common travel scams and ways to avoid them, and remember that you don’t have to say yes to anything you’re presented with.

9. Learn some of the common languages

It is really helpful to learn some basic words when travelling abroad or have a handy guide which tells you some common phrases. This can help you if you ever get lost and need to know where the nearest bus station is, or how to get back to your hotel.

10. Get the appropriate travel insurance

Travel Insurance

Ensure you take out the correct travel insurance when you visit somewhere abroad, as unexpected costs can rise if you need urgent medical treatment or if your bags have been lost or stolen.

General & Medical customers have the option to upgrade their healthcare policy to include Multi-Trip Travel Insurance, for an additional fee per member.

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