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Boost your confidence


Sometimes your self-esteem can be knocked down, even by the smallest of things. It’s important to understand and recognise your own self-worth and inner beauty. Here we take a look at a few ways you can increase your confidence.

Avoid negativity and keep positive

From time to time it’s okay to feel down or grumpy, it’s completely normal and natural. If you’re feeling low more than your feeling positive then take a look at how you can increase your mood. Surround yourself with positive people who really uplift your spirits, look at motivational quotes and do the things that you enjoy and make you happy! Feeling more positive can increase your confidence and help you break away from any negative thoughts.

Improve your body language

It might be the last thing you’re thinking about when you’re a ball of nerves but by simply smiling, using direct eye contact, pulling your shoulders back and speaking slowly, can really give the impression to others that you’re a confident person. As you embrace your outer confidence you can begin to feel more confident inside and this can really shine through.

Write a list of your greatest achievements

We can surprise ourselves every day with the new things we achieve. It might be that you did really well on a test, managed to run 5K or accomplished something that means a lot to you. You should be proud of yourself so remind yourself of these achievements and put your list somewhere where you can see what a great person you really are.

Believe in yourself

Make your goals happen and truly believe in yourself. Everyone has failed at something in their lives before, however, it’s important to get back up, learn what went wrong and try again. Discover new opportunities, believe in yourself and become more confident and happy.

Exercise, eat well and live a healthy lifestyle

It’s easy to get stuck into bad habits when it comes to food and exercise but living a healthy lifestyle can make a huge impact on your feelings towards yourself. Having a positive attitude towards yourself can help increase your self-love and make you feel more comfortable and confident in who you are.

If you have lost your confidence recently, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. What’s missing from your life? What do you need? Take some time to focus on yourself, be selfish for once and be the best version of you that you can.

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