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The British Lung Foundation campaigns annually to raise awareness of lung conditions and lung health. There are many different types of lung conditions, which range from asthma to pneumonia and according to the British Lung Foundation, somebody dies from lung disease every five minutes in the UK.

But we can all take action and show our support!

We already know that air pollution isn’t great for our health and the environment. Research shows that long-term exposure can contribute to the development of some lung conditions. If you have a lung condition, then avoid main roads and busy streets where possible, especially on high pollution days, this will help reduce your exposure to it.

Every single one of us can help reduce air pollution and it’s easy to incorporate into our daily lives. You can:

  • Reduce the usage of your car
  • Switch to solar
  • Plant more plants
  • Use blankets and throws, instead of burning coal and gas, to keep warm

breathe easy

Hot weather can also cause the symptoms of long-term lung conditions like asthma and bronchiectasis to flare up, so if you suffer from these conditions then it’s important you carry an inhaler with you and be prepared for the day ahead.

High pollen levels can also make your airways more sensitive, leaving you more prone to coughing and wheezing. You can, however, check the pollen levels here, before you head out.

One of the best steps you can take to live a healthy life is by quitting smoking, especially if you have a lung condition. No matter how long you have smoked for, it’s never too late to stop. Click here to see our five ways to stop smoking blog post.

Improve the air quality in your home by allowing fresh air to enter on a daily basis. Look out for signs of damp and condensation and ensure that your home is well-vented. If you can, hang your washing outside when possible, use extractor fans when cooking and showering, and remove any mould that appears straight away. All of these tips can help keep condensation and dampness at bay, ensuring that the air you breathe in at home is as clear as can be.

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