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Have a great Monday!


Monday really does have a bad stigma surrounding it. For the majority, it’s the thought of going back to work after having a few days off and that is when those weekend blues really do kick in.

Surely there is something we can do to feel better on a Monday? Well, there is.

  1. Sometimes it’s just mind over matter and going into the day feeling negative will probably result in a negative outcome. Instead, head into Monday feeling positive and optimistic about the week ahead.
  2. You can make Monday suck less by having something to look forward to. Make Monday your treat day or plan to do something after work, whether that is heading to the cinema in the evening or meeting up with friends for dinner.
  3. Plan your Monday the Friday beforehand. If Mondays are usually super busy and stressful at work, then plan and organise the day beforehand to ensure that you can remain calm and relaxed.
  4. Make a Monday playlist. If you are feeling slow and unmotivated then add a few of your favourite songs to a playlist to wake you up and keep you going! Motivational music can even make you feel more positive and set your mood for the rest of the day!
  5. Enjoy a great breakfast. Ideally, you should never skip out on breakfast or rush your morning meal, but having a great energetic meal can help keep you focused throughout the day.

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