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Men – need to cut down on your pork life this summer? Read our Six Quick Tips for success

Summer BBQ

Switching to a healthier lifestyle need not mean ditching everything you enjoy. You can still crack open a beer and enjoy a barbecue with family or friends. Here’s how you can kick back and relax at the weekend without spoiling your healthy eating plans.

Step 1 - Beer connoisseur?

Beer Bottles Low Calorie Beer

Go to a major supermarket and hunt down some low calorie/low alcohol beers. Sample a few until you find one you like, but you’d best wait until you’ve paid for them and got back home or you might get chased out by security.

If your mates are the sort who could potentially take the mickey, consider alternating a regular beer with a sugar-free soft drink to minimise calories and the chances of drinking excessively - and therefore the odds of losing control and falling asleep in the sun and burning one side of your face. Again.

Step 2 - Nice and spicy

Grill Healthy Kebabs on Barbecue

Grill or (weather permitting) barbecue fresh - not processed - meat, trim all visible fat and skin and don’t add any oil. Chuck on some peppers for the last few minutes and sandwich meat in between for a healthy vitamin A-infused spicy manwich.

Step 3 - Veg on the barbecue? Shiiish

Meat Skewer Shish Kebab

Knock together some shish-style kebabs. Get some skewers and slide on some lean meat squares and alternate with plenty of chunky veg such as mixed peppers, onion and any other veg you can stomach. Sprinkle with some herbs or spices for a flavour boost.

Step 4 - The best things in life are brie

Brie Cheese

The majority of people will agree that cheese is 'grate', however, it's probably best left out of your burger if you want to lose a few inches off your waist. If that is too much of a sacrifice for you to make then simply swap your cheese to a reduced-fat variety.

Step 5 - Barbecue McBarbecue Face

Barbecue Hot Dog Sausage

Be wary of ketchup, sauces, dressings and mayonnaise – most are high in fat and sugar. Check the label before you apply liberally (to your food, not your friend's face).

Step 6 - Stop salad dodging

BBQ Steak and Salad

Instead of piling your plate high with meat and carbohydrates, such as pasta salad or bread, try some lean meat accompanied by a mixed salad. Keep things interesting for your taste buds by going for flavour-packed salad ingredients such as rocket, olives, sliced radish and some sweet and tangy tomatoes.

If you can avoid overdoing the carbs and protein, and fill up on some green stuff, you’ll be less likely to develop the ‘meat sweats’ and your belt buckle will thank you for it. It’s a win-win.

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