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Take time out and recharge this weekend


Weekends are perfect for relaxing, enjoying some ‘me time’ or even spending some quality time with your family, but sometimes they just go so fast! So how can you make the most of it and fully recharge?

  1. Switch completely off! Don’t even think about work or be tempted to check your emails, those can wait until Monday! Starting your day by checking your emails can cause you to stress, so begin your day peacefully by putting the phone down.
  2. Do the things that you enjoy. Make the most of the time you have to yourself and enjoy it. Whether you want to read a book, go for a swim or take a walk. Low-stress exercise like yoga will help keep you calm and recharged.
  3. Take a bath. I’m not saying that you smell, but taking a warm bubble bath can allow your mind to relax as well as your body. Add some scented candles and some chilled out music to really get in the zone.
  4. Wake up early at least once at the weekend. Waking up early can really make the day go slower as you have more time to focus your attention on doing different things other than sleeping.
  5. Do something different. Try a new activity or spend the day out with the family. Doing something new and exciting can distract your mind from the working world and allow you to let your hair down and really enjoy yourself.

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