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Keep healthy at work

Work environment

Sickness and injury are the main reasons for absence at work but there are many different things that employees can do to reduce their risk of work-related illnesses and boost their overall health.

It is also important that employers recognise the different types of illnesses at work. Here at General & Medical, we provide corporate health insurance plans which can suit the whole business, from senior management to temporary staff, Health Insurance to see what we can offer you.

Back pain

Back, neck and muscle pain are a few of the main symptoms of poor posture or awkward twisting movements which includes bending, stretching or reaching. To prevent back pain, ensure that you sit correctly, especially if you have a desk job and are sitting for long periods of time. Check your seating posture, chair height and check that your desk equipment is in the correct position. Back pain can also be caused by lifting objects incorrectly. Ensure that you are aware of the correct methods when handling objects and follow these to prevent any injuries.

Stress and mental health

Stress, depression and anxiety are all key factors to the reasons why individuals may fall ill at work and possibly take some time off. Not all mental health problems are work-related but it is important that you know how to deal with them, along with any other pressure you may face. Find out what works for you in terms of managing your stress levels and try different coping techniques.


RSI (Repetitive strain injury)

RSI mainly affects the upper body and includes the wrist, hands, elbow, forearm, shoulders and neck. Usually, RSI is caused by repetitive activity or the usage of incorrect techniques when it comes to working with computers, mobile phones or even just sitting incorrectly. To prevent RSI try relaxation techniques, especially if you are stressed, or take necessary short breaks. If you do develop symptoms at work then speak to your employer about the steps that you can take to modify your role in order to help prevent any serious problems.


Ensuring you incorporate exercise into your working day is important to keep you active. You might already be on your feet all day but if you have a desk job it can sometimes be hard to include activity. You can do this by simply walking to work, taking a stroll on your lunch break or even using the stairs instead of the lift in your building.

Healthy eating

Eating healthy at work can help improve your concentration as unhealthy foods can often leave us feeling sluggish. Bringing your own prepared lunch for work is a great idea as you will know exactly what you are eating. Some employers even offer free fruit to promote healthy eating throughout the workplace, allowing you to choose the correct snacks. Finally, ensure you keep hydrated throughout your day as this will also help curb any temptation you might feel and is essential for you to function properly.

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