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World Kindness Day

It’s quite often we all stick to our daily routines, our social circle and keep our heads down, but when was the last time you did an act of kindness for someone. Did you know that research has proven that there are actually health benefits from being kind?

Kindness can come in many different formats; from holding the door for someone struggling, letting an elderly person sit down on public transport or just a simple smile and a ‘good morning’ to those you pass on your daily commute to the office.

Research has shown that helping others can have a positive effect on your own health too. Helping others can promote positive psychological changes in your brain which are associated with happiness. Positive emotions can even reduce your stress levels, which can increase your immune system to help protect your body from disease and illnesses.

Kindness is also linked with relieving pain as it releases endorphins which is a natural painkiller. Along with this, kindness can help improve depression and anxiety as it stimulates the production of serotonin, which is a feel-good chemical that calms you down and makes you happier.

As well as having scientific effects on your health, doing an act of kindness can also make you feel good about yourself, increasing your own self-worth and making you believe in yourself.

Random acts of kindness you could do each day

  • Give someone a compliment.
  • Help a neighbour out with their bins.
  • Give blood.
  • Spend time with or call up someone you think might be lonely.
  • Let someone go in front of you in the queue.
  • Smile at a stranger.
  • Say thank you more.
  • Donate old blankets and towels to an animal shelter.
  • Cook someone their favourite meal.
  • Buy a hot drink for a homeless person.
  • Get involved in a litter pick.
  • Leave someone a note which will make someone smile.
  • Send someone flowers.

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