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Are you on the organ donation register?

organ donation

Organ donation is something you should talk to your family about, let them know whether or not you want to donate your organs when the time comes. Organ donation is an incredible gift to give someone, it’s effectively the gift of life. Leaving the decision to your family at such a difficult time isn’t the best thing to do, so ensure that you’ve talked to them about what you’d like to happen.

It might be that you’re already registered to donate, however, you might not have had the conversation with your family or friends to let them know. Let your family know as soon as you can so that they can support your decision at the right time and allow you to potentially save lives.

Organ donations save thousands of lives every year in the UK, however, more people are needed. There are currently 6133 people waiting for a transplant in the UK and roughly three people die each day from needing a transplant.

People often think that there is an age limit on organ donation and that you need to be young and healthy, however, this is not true and there is no age limit on becoming a donor. If you have a medical condition you can still be a donor too and healthcare professionals will decide whether your organs or tissues are suitable for a transplant based on your medical history. There are other ways you can donate, just by giving blood could make a difference in someone’s life. If you would like to register to donate then visit:

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