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Clean your house for a healthier mind!

Clean your house and be healthy

Having a clean and tidy house is such a satisfying feeling and is great for your mental and physical health, as it gives you a homely space to relax, unwind and enjoy. A clean and decluttered home has numerous health benefits and can help reduce anxiety, stress and generally make you feel more positive and energetic. From decluttering to deep cleaning, we’ve got a range of cleaning tips to help you feel healthier!

1. Declutter first

It’s crazy how much stuff we can collect throughout the year especially if you have kids. Decluttering your house can easily take a whole day, but it’s so worth it. Letting go of some of your items can seem like a big hurdle at first, but you need to take a powerful approach to it, think about whether or not you have used this item in the past year, is it beneficial to your household or is it just collecting dust?

Did you know clutter can actually have an effect on your mental and physical health? Decluttering your house can help reduce anxiety as cluttered spaces can overwhelm your mind and can cause you to be irritable and stressed.

2. Dust from top to bottom

Dust literally gets everywhere, and sometimes you can’t even see it. Feather dusters aren’t really helpful either, yes they collect dust but they just spread it elsewhere. You’re more likely to collect dust with a soft dampened cloth, a microfiber duster or an electrostatic duster. Vacuum cleaners are also great for eliminating dust too, using its attachment to collect dust from walls, skirting boards and soft furnishings. Dusting from top to bottom also ensures that you don’t backtrack on the work you have already achieved.

Dust can also have an effect on your health and can cause allergy symptoms, which includes sneezing, a stuffy nose and coughing. So by eliminating dust in your home, you can help improve the quality of air that you and your family are breathing.


3. Deep clean your oven

You might wipe over your oven every now and then but according to Good Housekeeping, you should give your oven a good deep clean monthly. Your oven probably gets used on a daily basis and over time it can build up food residue and grease. There are many specialists oven cleaners which work great but always remember to use gloves when handling the solution as it can be quite harsh on your skin. Also, don’t forget to clean the outside of your oven too!

Cleaning your oven regularly can help prevent the build-up of foods which can help avoid cross-contamination and prevent bacteria from developing in your oven, meaning you’re less likely to get ill from eating the foods you cook.

4. Revamp your wardrobe

Your wardrobe is overflowing but you’ve got nothing to wear, we have all been there! Going through your wardrobe can be like a minefield, but it feels so good once it's all sorted. Take a look at each item in your wardrobe and think about the last time you actually wore that piece of clothing, and will you honestly ever wear it again? Charity shops are always looking for unwanted clothes donations which gives you a chance to help out a worthy cause.

Looking at an organised wardrobe every morning is really good for your mental health and can help you feel less stressed and calmer. It also gives you the chance to say goodbye to any negativity that is sat in your wardrobe, as you can say good riddance to old clothes that don’t fit and focus on who you are right now.

5. Don’t neglect your outdoor furniture

Spring is the perfect time to prepare any outdoor furniture you have sitting around waiting for summer to start. Wipe down all surfaces removing any cobwebs and dust that has formed since you last used them, wash any cushion covers and paint furniture that may need an added protective layer.

Getting outside and enjoying some fresh air is great for your physical health too. Cleaning might not seem like much of a workout but you are burning calories, and according to research, you could burn an average of 205 calories per hour while you clean.


6. Detox your fridge

You should ideally be cleaning your fridge on a regular basis, but it’s important to give it a deep clean from time to time. You should ensure that you wash your shelves and draws thoroughly, leaving no bacteria or stains behind. Also pay attention to any grooves on the inside of your fridge, including the seals as these can be a hotspot for dirt. It's not just your fridge, check your food for any out of date items that might still be sat around.

Giving your fridge a good clean and reorganise is great for your health and can help prevent food poisoning, bacteria spreading and cross-contamination!

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