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Running tips for beginners

advice for runners

Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to running or exercising. As a beginner runner, it’s key to understand the best tips and advice to help you kick start your running journey. We’ve put together the perfect quick and easy running guide, with ten tips to help you become the runner you’ve always wanted to be.

1.     Preventing injury

When it comes to starting your running journey, it's vital to ensure you do your utmost everything to being injury-free and preventing any injuries from happening. Stretching before a run and warming up is essential as it helps prepare your muscles for a workout and helps maintain flexibility.

2.     Starting out

When starting as a beginner runner, you should check out potential running routes, so you don’t get lost but also so you can see what type of ground you will be running on, if there are any inclines and you can figure out the distance of your route

3.     The right equipment

Having specialist running shoes is vital to support your feet in all ways possible and can help prevent injuries from happening. Not all running shoes will fit your need and purpose because everyone has a distinctive foot type and a different running style. A sports store which specialises in footwear will be able to offer advice on what’s best for your foot type.


4.     Motivation

Having a running goal to work towards can be great for motivation. You might want to run a certain distance, speed or time, or complete an event or race. Write down your goal and create a training plan which focuses on how you can work towards achieving it. This will help keep you motivated, and you can watch your progression. Remember to be realistic with your goal and have a time frame which suits you, that way you don’t set yourself up to fail.

5.     Pace yourself

Whenever you go out for a run, you should always pace yourself. Fast running or long runs can be overwhelming as a beginner runner. You should split up your run into intervals where you run and then walk, this will help you build up your stamina and gives your body a chance to recover a little. As you build up your experience, you should aim to run longer distances.

6.     Release endorphins

Sometimes it’s hard to have the momentum to get up and go, but taking the first step out of your house is the best thing you can do. When exercising your body releases endorphins, which triggers a positive feeling in your body and makes you feel great. The more you train, the easier running will become, and you will find that you can push yourself more.


7.     Recovery rest days

Ensure that you are taking regular rest days between your runs so that you don’t exhaust or burn yourself out. Rest days are vital as they give your body and muscles time to heal. You should start by running three to four times per week, with roughly 20 to 30 minutes per run.

8.     Diet and hydration

Everyone is different when it comes to finding the right nutrition for them, especially if you’re deciding what to eat before a run, or questioning if should you eat at all. Overall you should aim to eat a well-balanced diet and drink plenty of fluid. Try a variety of foods before a run and see what works best for you. Some people have suggested that oats with fruit, nuts and low-fat yoghurt, is a great meal to eat at least two hours before they head out, but others stick to a sports drink or bar to give them energy.

9.     Cross-training

It's essential to exercise in other ways too, for example, strength, core and conditioning work can help prevent injury and can improve your running form, which is immensely beneficial to runners. From ab workouts to squats, there is a range of online interval training videos which can help you strengthen up.

10.   Couch to 5K

There is a range of different programs and running clubs out there aimed at new runners. The Couch to 5K has been designed to get people running 5K in just nine weeks. It’s an excellent place for beginners to start as it offers guidance on how much they should push themselves, with intervals of running mixed with walking, which steadily increases as the weeks go on. It's great to get you running faster and building up your stamina for the long term. To find out more about the Couch to 5K, click here!

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