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Start the school year right with our back to school tips

Start the school year right with our back to school tips

The school holidays have been and gone, and what a joy it was for the kids to enjoy their summer break. But now that summer is over, the back to school chaos begins. Starting school for the first time, or just heading back to school after a long break can be an exciting time but some kids might find it daunting and it can be quite challenging to find a routine.

1. Look after their mental health

Everyone has mental health, including children and their emotional wellbeing is as important as their physical health. Starting school can create some anxiety for kid’s as they head into the unknown, so offer support, reassurance and make them feel confident and relaxed about the new school year.

Teenagers need a different kind of support, they already know what school is about, but this might be an important year for grades and exams. Talk them through what they want to achieve, offer support and advice and encourage them to be responsible for themselves.

2. Find the right routine

Having a routine in place is essential for children of all ages. Having a designated dinner time, homework time, evening relaxation time and finally bedtime, can help kids be refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Encourage teenagers to head to bed earlier and switch off from social media or other distractions that might keep them awake at night. They need to learn to create a routine for themselves and be responsible, this is a great time to show that you can trust them by allowing them to see how they handle responsibility.

3. Provide healthy lunches

Most kids probably don’t want to eat a quinoa salad, but you can still provide healthy and nutritional lunches which are fun, well balanced and packed with goodness. A nutritional lunch is essential as it provides the energy kids need to stay focused during the day.

  • Chicken and cheese salad wraps
  • Mini spinach and tomato frittatas
  • Carrot, celery and apple sticks with hummus
  • Make your own Lunchables
  • Fun shaped pasta salad
  • Pita pizza

4. Encourage out of school activities

Your children’s social life is just as important as their school life and is great for personal development. Extracurricular activities offer kids a range of benefits and can enhance their academic performance by giving them confidence and organisational skills. Out of school activities also gives children a sense of commitment, where they belong to a specific club or sport, it also provides them with an environment to make new friends and provides a sense of responsibility.

5. Preparation is key

Realistically prepare your kids for school, ask them how they are feeling, encourage positivity and reassurance if they are feeling nervous or anxious. Ask them to pick out their new lunch box, school bag and coat and help them pack these the night before.

Teenagers are usually at a time in their life where hormones are flying all over the place, but it's still important for them to open up. Talk to them about their lessons, find out what they are looking forward to and if there is any help they might need. Encourage them to prepare for their lessons the evening before and ensure they have the school supplies equipment and books they need.

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