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Top 6 Christmas gifts for fitness fanatics

Top 6 Christmas gifts for fitness fanatics

Some love a new tie or socks in their stocking on Christmas morning, others want the newest nifty gadget on the market, but fitness fanatics might favour a brisk run! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your sporty loved ones or fancy treating yourself, take a look at these top 6 gift ideas!

1. Fitbit Charge 3

A Fitbit is a highly useful gift suitable for anyone in your family, from keen walkers who want to track their steps to active gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts who follow a strict fitness regime and want to reach certain goals. A Fitbit Charge 3 allows you to keep track of the time, your steps, heart rate and sleep.

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2. Nike Swim Roll Top Backpack

For the swimmers out there, there’s nothing worse than rooting through your bag for your googles, only to find that they’ve been scratched by the lining or your keys. Then there are the problems with your wet swimming gear making everything else damp inside your bag. Well, this useful Nike backpack will be on the top of every swimmer’s wish list this year. With a fleece-lined pocket for your goggles, breathable mesh panels to speed up the drying process, a roll-top opening for oversized items like your towel, you’ll be all set for your next visit to the pool.

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3. Beeline Velo Navigation Device

The Beeline Velo is a navigation device for bikes, essentially a smart compass which is connected to your phone. This device fits on the front of any bike and tracks your journey process, directs you towards your destination and gives you the distance to your next turn. This would be a fantastic gift for explorers who love a bit of mountain biking or even those who want to cycle more to their bit to help the environment by cutting down on emissions. By simply using the app on your phone, you can plan your route and set your favourites and your Velo will take you there without having to stop to check your phone.

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4. Self-cleaning water bottle

If you’re really looking to treat a loved one at Christmas, the LARQ bottle is a reusable, self-cleaning water bottle which not only keeps your water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, it also purifies your water. Any re-usable drinks bottle is better for the planet, but not necessarily better for you. Bottles are home to Staphylococcus Aureus and E. coli, resulting in illnesses and infections. The LARQ bottle self-cleans every 2 hours, eradicating bacteria and virus!

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5. Pilates Set

For those who like to work out in the comfort of their home, this Pilates Core Set includes all the elements required to complete a full Pilates workout including a resistance ring, resistance band and a soft over ball. Plus this kit also includes a poster featuring key exercises.

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6. Kefir Set

Kefir is a fermented milk drink similar to yoghurt loaded with probiotics which promote good gut health and strengthens the immune system. For the health-conscious, this at-home kit is a great gift. Your recipient will be able to make up to 6 litres worth.

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