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Try these 10 healthy food swaps for a healthier you

Healthy food swaps

Everyone has different goals in life and one that many people share is to be healthy. Our diet plays a vital role in our life, and it affects us in many ways from our energy levels to our waist size. If you’re looking for different ways to make healthy changes with your food, then you’re in luck as we have 10 healthy food swaps for you to try!

1. Ice Cream

Perfect on a summer’s day, frozen yoghurt is an excellent alternative to ice cream as it’s lower in fat and has fewer calories. If you’re looking for the creamy flavour ice cream brings, then try some low-fat ice cream alternatives from brands like Halo Top and Breyers.

2. Crisps

Crisps can be quite high in fat and calories, but they are very moreish and make the perfect side to your lunch. Swapping your regular packet of crisps to popcorn can hit those crisp cravings and ditch the calories at the same time. Popcorn is also high in fibre and you can make it at home, which makes it the perfect alternative and a great healthy swap.

3. Sweets

Sweet cravings are extremely common, and it’s easy to reach for sugary sweets when your energy levels are low. Dried fruit can be a great swap as they are high in fibre and nutrients, however, they are also high in natural sugar, which is why you should eat them in small amounts.

4. Chocolate

Milk chocolate is the perfect evening treat, but it’s high in added sugar and calories, which as we all know isn’t good for your health. You don’t have to get rid of chocolate altogether, dark chocolate with a high cocoa content can actually be quite nutritious as it contains a high amount of fibre and minerals. It’s also a good source of antioxidants, but it’s important to only eat in moderation. Read our guide to maintaining a balanced diet here.

 5. Vegetable Oil

Oil is essential for cooking, whether it’s for baking, frying, sautéing, roasting or drizzled on salads. Olive oil is seen as a healthy oil to use because it contains anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats. If you’re looking to reduce your oil intake, use an oil spray which can limit the amount of oil you use and cut down the calories.

6. Chips

Chips are a huge part of British culture, and for ease, a lot of people turn to frozen oven cooked chips which often contains large amounts of saturated fats. Vegetable chips can be a simple alternative and allows you to get in some of your five a day. Try sweet potato, carrot or parsnips sliced up and roasted in the oven.

7. Butter

The thought of a buttery slice of toast or a fluffy crumpet is enough to make your mouth water, and although butter is ok in moderation, if you are looking at different ways to change your eating habits then try switching to low-fat margarine. When choosing margarine, look for trans-fat-free brands and find products made with healthier oils, like olive oil as these can help keep your heart healthy.

8. White Bread

White bread is the most common choice in households, due to its popular taste, affordability, and accessibility. Due to the processing of white bread, it does lack nutrients, which is why some turn to wholemeal bread instead, which maintains its goodness and is loaded with fibre. Try switching all your foods to wholemeal varieties, including your pasta, rice and breakfast cereal.

9. Pizza

Pizza is a popular go-to treat food as it’s easy to cook and requires little effort. It also tastes great. There are different ways you can make a twist on pizza by swapping the base for a wholemeal wrap or pitta bread or try using a large flat mushroom or chicken breast.

10. Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy drinks consist of mostly water, which is good for keeping you hydrated, but they can be full of sugar, phosphoric acid and citric acid, which isn’t good for our teeth, bones and health. When switching up your drinking routine there is a range to choose from, including adding fresh fruit to infuse water, fruit juices, plain tea and coffee, but nothing compares to drinking water on its own – see the health benefits here.

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