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International Happiness at Work Week

International Happiness at Work Week

Life can be stressful enough without the dread of going to work which is why it’s important that employees are happy in the workplace.

A friendly environment creates a better mood and work no longer feels like a chore, but a pleasure. A happy workplace is proven to boost productivity which in turn, is great for the business.

Benefits of having happy employees

  1. Boosts productivity
  2. Employees are more effective
  3. Work better with others
  4. Positive attitude throughout the workplace
  5. Enjoy work
  6. Happier and healthier employees, mentally and physically
  7. Employees are more creative


How to create a positive working environment

  1. Appreciate your employees
    Everyone wants to feel appreciated and like what they’re doing matters. Show your employees that you’re grateful for their efforts, it will motivate them to do more great work which will boost the company’s productivity.
  1. Team building
    Organise events outside of work or during lunch breaks, it will help with team bonding and create a stronger, more positive working environment.
  1. Take care of your staff
    Be sure to talk to your employees and listen to their needs or any problems they may have to avoid conflict at a later date.
  1. Keep staff healthy
    If an employee is struggling with anything, personally or professionally, be supportive. Whether that’s being someone to talk to or if they need a few days off to recover from sickness. This is particularly important for mental health. In turn, they will appreciate your concern and it will pay off in the long run.
  1. Invest in your staff’s professional growth
    Investing in your employees is one of the best things you can do for them and your business. It will improve their skills which will enhance their abilities when it comes to doing their work.

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