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The Benefits of Reading

The Benefits of Reading

We live in an age where scrolling through social media and binge-watching tv series is the “go-to” for entertainment when really, we should be reading. There have been studies that show reading just six minutes a day/night reduces heart rate and eases muscle tension.

There are many benefits to reading, from strengthening your brain to actually improving your health!

Strengthens your brain

Mental stimulation
Reading is basically a workout for your brain bringing neural pathways in the brain to life. Picking up a good book is a great way to keep the brain active as it pushes your mind to focus on new information and take it in.

Decreases mental decline
There have been numerous studies to show that doing something as simple as reading can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia in the elderly, as it helps keep the brain active.

Improves memory
When you read a book, you need to remember a lot of things such as; characters, settings, scenarios etc. The storyline can change so many times just in one book and each time something changes or a new character is brought in, it’s a new memory in your brain. Having to remember all of these details improve your short-term memory and recall capabilities.

Increases emotional intelligence
Recent research strongly suggests that reading can improve emotional and cognitive intelligence. When reading, our mind goes through various scenarios and emotions which activates the different areas of the brain that relate to these qualities.


Improves your health

Reduces Stress
We all have stress. Whether it’s at work or in your personal life, reading can give us a certain amount of escapism that we crave. Reading a well-written book takes you into another life almost, and provides a healthy distraction from any worries you may have, therefore reducing stress.

A 2009 study by the University of Sussex found that if you read silently for just six minutes can reduce stress up to 68 percent!

Boosts sleep
Reading before bed is a very good way to let your body know it’s time to wind down and go to sleep. This will only work with real books as bright screens from a phone, tv, or tablet can actually keep you awake.

Reduces feelings of loneliness
Reading can help reduce feelings of loneliness and social isolation by helping you to identify with the characters you’re reading about. People want to be a part of something and accepted and reading can give that same feeling.

Improves focus and concentration
There are so many distractions around us which makes it difficult to concentrate. Reading helps improve our concentration as it forces you to focus on the words you’re reading otherwise you won’t follow the story. Making the time to read for 15-20 minutes every day (especially in the morning) can really improve your ability to focus and overall will make you more productive as a person.


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