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Health and wellbeing benefits of owning a dog

Health and wellbeing benefits of owning a dog

Dogs are the best! Not only are they funny, friendly and loyal, but a four-legged friend can also massively help us live a happy and healthy life. There are actually health and wellbeing benefits of owning a dog and to celebrate National Dog Day, we’re talking all about dogs and the reasons why they’re so great!

1. Companionship

They’re not called 'man’s best friend' for nothing! Dogs provide us with a special companionship, they are with us through the good and the bad times in our lives. Dogs will always listen and they don’t judge, this is beneficial for people who live alone especially the elderly who go days without seeing people for company. Dogs can even sense your emotions and can tell when you’re sad and respond by getting close to you and bringing you a bit of comfort.


2. Creates a routine

Owning a dog gives us a sense of purpose, a reason to get up in the morning. Creating a schedule of feeding, walking, play and grooming helps structure the day, keeping you mentally and physically active. Routine is important for you and your dog, helping them feel settled in different environments.


3. Improves social life

Owning a dog means at least 2 walks a day, so you’re bound to see many familiar faces! Dogs act as an icebreaker in many situations, if you’ve got an adorable dog, everyone is going to want to say hello which means new friends for you.

In a survey conducted by the Blue Cross, almost a quarter pet owners said they had met somebody through walking their dog. If you have friends who have dogs too, this gives you the potential to go out more and meet up with friends, go for walks or visit a dog-friendly pub for a drink.


4. Keeps you active

Dogs need to be taken out on regular walks which is good for you and your four-legged friend. Owning a dog gives you the opportunity to explore local parks and plan new routes, this helps you improve your fitness. By getting just 30 minutes of exercise a day will lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.


5. Reduces stress and anxiety

Petting or cuddling a dog releases those happy chemicals called serotonin and dopamine which make us feel happy and relaxed. These chemicals serve as a natural pain killer which can alleviate stress, grief and anxiety. Studies show that dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than non-pet owners. The love and affection of a dog is enough to boost anyone’s mood and help them stay positive.


6. Teaches responsibility and empathy

It’s essential for children to practise empathy from a young age, children who grow up around dogs are able to know the importance of looking after something. Teaching responsibility will help children become more independent, kids love taking part and learning about feeding, playing, walking and cleaning.


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