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Bike Week: health benefits of cycling

Bike Week: health benefits of cycling

Cycling is a great way to keep fit and active, it’s a fantastic exercise that helps improve your physical fitness and boosts your mental wellbeing, whilst out in the fresh air!

Organised by Cycling UK, Bike Week is an annual event celebrating the pleasure of riding a bike. Cycling is an effective solution to many challenges we face in the UK, for example, air pollution, obesity, poor mental health and traffic. Thousands of people enjoy cycling as a sport, exercise and mode of transport, it’s good for you and the planet!

Reduces stress levels and helps fight depression

Not only is it fun to ride a bike, but it’s also a great way of releasing those happy endorphins while outdoors, which is also great for mental health. Focusing on your chosen route will distract you from negative thoughts and help you concentration on what’s happening in the current moment.

Lowers your risk of developing chronic health conditions

Cycling regularly is a good way of avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and accompanying health concerns. For example, cycling to work can lower your risk of developing cancer by 45% and cardiovascular disease by 46%.

Gentle on the joints

Cycling is a low impact exercise, suitable for those who have joint concerns. For people who suffer from osteoarthritis, cycling is a safe way to remain physically active without aggravating painful arthritic joints.

Burns fat and calories

Cycling promotes good healthy weight management, helping you to burn calories, cycling at a steady pace can burn 300 calories an hour. This type of exercise boosts your metabolic rate, meaning you’ll still burn calories even after your bike ride.

Builds stamina and improves balance

As with all types of exercise, the more you do it, the better your stamina. In this case with riding a bike, the more you go out, the longer you’ll be able to cycle for before you get worn out.

Building stamina is great for your overall fitness and boosts your self-esteem. What’s more, keeping upright on a bike helps stabilise your body, improving your balance and posture.

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