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Ingenious ways to entertain the kids indoors

Ingenious ways to entertain the kids indoors

During the weekends and those hazy days in-between, kids need entertainment but it doesn’t have to cost you a dime! Here are some fun and most importantly, free activities to keep the kids entertained indoors!

Build a fort

For those dreary days when all you want to do is enjoy some quality time with the kids, build a giant indoor fort! Grab all the blankets, pillows or even cardboard and get the creative juices flowing. Make-believe is an important part of a child’s cognitive development, creative play supports the development of self-expression and decision making.


Show your creative side and do a spot of painting. This is a fun indoor or outdoor activity for the whole family! You could even gather leaves from the garden and try different patterns or even cut up a potato and make your own stamps.


Clear a space in your living room, stick on some of your favourite tracks and get moving to the beat! Dancing is a great way of burning off extra energy and it keeps you active and most importantly, happy!


Biscuits, flapjacks and sponge cakes are simple and fun to bake and decorate. Children love getting involved in the kitchen, getting messy and creative, especially if they get a sweet treat after! Baking is also a science and involves accurate measurements, this is a great way of teaching children metrics.


Cosy up with the family and gather all your favourite books, lay cushions and blankets on the floor and have a good old storytime. Take it in turns to read some of your best-loved books and get a conversation going. You may be even feel inspired to write some stories of your own!


Get creative and make your own family scrapbook, something to look through and enjoy past memories. Raid your craft cupboard and photo album and stick on as many decorations as you like. Write a little story about each photo and what you were up to.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Nothing passes the time like a jigsaw. Get the family together and have a little team building day. Jigsaws teach your children problem solving and it’s great for coordination, plus there’s nothing better than taking a step back and admiring your achievement.

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