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Travelling Essentials To Bring On Holiday Abroad

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It's that time of year where you’re most likely counting down the days to your holiday abroad. Preparation is key for a stress-free start, so we’ve created a handy checklist of things to consider before you go.

How to get prepared for travelling on holiday

When traveling on holiday, it can be easy to overlook some of the small yet essential items. But don’t worry – this blog can serve as a useful checklist to make sure you are prepared.

Sunscreen: Your Skin’s Best Friend

Wearing sunscreen should be considered a healthcare essential. Wearing adequate cover can go a long way in safeguarding your skin from harmful UV rays, which could lead to skin cancer. Aim for a sunscreen with an SPF of atleast 15, and be sure to re-apply every two hours (or more, if you’ve been in water or sweating). Take a look at this guide for guarding your glow this summer.

Kid-Friendly Activities: Activities for Young Travelers

Traveling with children adds a layer of excitement and challenge to your journey. To keep young travellers engaged, plan activities that cater to their interests and energy levels. Research family-friendly attractions, parks, museums, or interactive experiences that will make the trip enjoyable for everyone. Keeping a mix of educational and recreational activities ensures that kids remain entertained and create fond memories of their travel experiences.

Flying: Prepare to Board

Flying in a plane can be a little nerve racking for some people, especially if it’s the first time they’re doing so. Having some chewy sweets to hand during take-off and landing can help prevent ears popping. For longer flights, consider a neck pillow for some much-needed support when you need to catch some rest; and compression socks to help improve circulation.

If you or your children do have a fear of flying, it may be helpful to research the plane beforehand, so you know what to expect when you board.

Hydration: The Ultimate Travel Companion

It’s also imperative that you stay hydrated when basking in the summer sun. Travel can expose you to varying climates and altitudes, which can contribute to dehydration; and while you may not feel like you need to drink water, your body will certainly need it. Staying hydrated not only supports your overall wellbeing, but also helps combat jet lag and fatigue.

A great way to keep track of how much water you’re drinking is to get a water bottle with measurements on, so you can track how much you’re drinking during the day. For more ideas, check out our blog on keeping hydrated this summer.

Guarding Your Wellbeing: Exploring Health Precautions:

It’s always wise to be prepared for any unforeseen health situations, especially when travelling with family. Before you head off on your holiday, check to see if your insurance policy covers any needs or requirements that may arise during the trip, such as medical expenses or loss of luggage. General & Medical offers customers the option to upgrade their healthcare policy to include Multi-Trip Travel insurance, for an additional fee per member.

Kids Go Free

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