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Travelling Essentials To Bring On Holiday Abroad

Travelling essentials abroad

We have finally reached that time of year where you’re most likely counting down the days to your holiday abroad!

Well I can assure you that if you’re a little stressed, which is very normal, I’m here to give you a little hand on some of the essentials you could bring whilst away and if you are travelling with children, I have some great ideas to keep them entertained too.

How to get prepared for travelling on holiday

It can be easy to forget some of the small yet essential items whilst travelling on holiday, but don’t worry, you could always use this blog as a small checklist to make sure you are prepared. So let's begin!

Sunscreen - making sure that you and your kids wear sunscreen this summer can be extremely important because by wearing sunscreen you’re protecting your body from damaging UV rays which could lead to skin cancer, but by wearing sunscreen your body is protecting your skin from those UV rays. It is recommended that you should buy sunscreen with a sun protection factor SPF of at least 30. This information can usually be found on the front of the sunscreen bottle.

Holiday Sunscreen

Activities - when travelling to a holiday destination with children, your kids are most likely going to get very bored without having something to do, particularly on flights where they need to sit still for long periods. The main problem is that they can’t bring loads of toys to play with, so a great idea to save space might be to bring them an activity book with some felt tip pens, especially as there are many 'mess free' options available to buy now which only write on the special book they come with, saving you the extra worry of any potential cleaning up too!

Another great idea would be to download loads of films and games prior to travelling on your kids iPad or electronic device to keep them entertained, as an internet connection isn't necessarily always readily available when you might need it. Magazines are another great option for children, as they take up less weight than books, can be recycled once read rather than having to carry home with you, and they often have many different activities and competitions to keep busy with and help pass the time.

Flying - now if you’re flying abroad somewhere, flying in a plane can be a little nerve racking for some people and kids, so to help them when taking off give your little ones some chewy sweets to help stop their ears from popping when taking off. Even adults can do this too, as it may keep you distracted from feeling nervous.

Kids Travelling On Plane Holiday

If you yourself or your children do have a fear of flying try and research a few different things about the plane and step onto the plane with knowledge of different things. It could be really helpful to also explain it simply to your children so they know some little things may happen during the flight but there is no need to worry!

Hydration/drinks - it’s also very important that you stay hydrated this summer! It’s easy to get caught up in having fun in the pool and you might not feel like you need to drink water, but remember your body will certainly need it as the temperatures rise!

A great way to keep track of how much water you drink is to get a water bottle on with measurements so you can make sure you're drinking enough. For more ideas, check out our blog: 'Quick tips to keep hydrated this summer'.

Kids Go Free

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